Your Wedding Day deserves a dream location, combining art, luxury and magic

Vila da Santa offers an enchanting setting for your wedding day: the beautiful Ossos beach, specially booked for you and your guests, conveniently located only a few meters away from the wonderful Sant’Anna church, a perfectly-preserved monument built in 1743 and a charming venue for your religious ceremony.

Let your celebration be a magical experience!

Our hotel and the Secret House can be exclusively booked for your wedding and our staff can help arrange all required services with our selected service partners.


The Hotel has 19 Suites, finely decorated by Secrets de Famille furniture shop. The Bride’s Suite is equipped with a stunning english bath tub with faucets from the same provider of the traditional Ritz in Paris. This Suite’s indian bed, which belonged to an enamored mahrajá, provides a romantic touch only surpassed by the two charming balconies with sea view.


This special space located next to the hotel is ideal for the bride and groom’s family, or even for hosting mini weddings with up to 50 guests. The Secret House offers sea view and independent access to Ossos Beach, only a few meters away from the stairway to Sant’Ana Chapel. It counts with 4 luxurious suites, and two rooms in a separate structure.


Your Wedding at Vila da Santa: The Hotel

With the reservation of this area it is included:

  • All the 19 suites for 2 nights with breakfast
  • Backup electricity generator at disposal for the event
  • Cleaning staff
  • Maintenance staff

Your Wedding at Vila da Santa: Secret House

With reservation of this area it is included:

  • Accommodation for up to 12 guests for 2 nights with breakfast
  • Backup electricity generator at disposal of the event
  • Cleaning staff
  • Maintenance staff

Your Wedding at Vila da Santa: Hotel + Secret House

For those that would like to enjoy the whole structure of the hotel in their celebration we offer the option of hiring both spaces mentioned, including:

  • Accommodation for up to 53 guests for two nights with breakfast
  • Backup electricity generator at disposal for the event
  • Cleaning staff
  • Maintenance staff


Vila da Santa is the ideal place to get ready for the Wedding, with the beautiful and relaxing ambience and all the necessary services and structure for this occasion. Brides who are getting married at Vila da Santa have already access to these services. Those who have their parties in other venues can still book their Bride’s Day experience with us, and can choose to have the 2 nights experience in:

  • Bridal Suite
  • Casa Secreta Master Suite

Both experiences include:

  • Facilities for the preparation: Rooms are prepared to host the beauty professionals that will assist the Bride: Hair stylist, Make Up artist, Photographer, Video, etc.
  • Special services: To make the most out of this day we can serve a special breakfast in the Suite, a special lunch for the Bride as well as light meals for the team assisting Her.

It is also possible to book SPA experiences to help you get ready:

Relaxing Experience:

  • Pampering breakfast in the suite
  • Short Exfoliation and hydration treatment
  • Jacuzzi bath with salts
  • Relaxing body massage

Complete Experience

  • Pampering breakfast in the suite
  • Deep Exfoliation and hydration treatment
  • Jacuzzi bath with salts
  • Interval with light lunch
  • Facial spa
  • Relaxing body massage


While we do not provide these services ourselves we will be happy to suggest partners that you can trust. Please ask us if you need any recommendation!

  • Wedding Planner
  • Make Up
  • Hair Stylist
  • Photo
  • Video
  • Lights and Sound
  • Decoration
  • Catering / Buffet
  • Drinks
  • Cake
  • Sweets

1. Where can I host the ceremony? Can I do it at the beach?
There are several possibilities for the Ceremony:
– Sant’Anna Chapel: For catholic couples who want to have a religious ceremony, please check the procedure in the next question.
– “Secret House” gardens: For those who want to have their ceremony with a sea view within the exclusive areas of the Hotel.
– Beach: Yes, it is possible to do the Ceremony with your feet on the sand! It is necessary to request previous authorization to the city authorities first.
– Hotel main patio: Some couples choose to set the ceremony in the main patio, with its charming Mediterranean atmosphere.

2. What is the procedure to book the Chapel for my ceremony?
Sant’Anna Chapel, located only a few meters away from Casa Secreta doors, is a Catholic Church. Couples who want to book their date must file a request in their local Catholic Church with maximum antecedence possible, at a minimum 6 months in advance. Once the request has been processed in the local church, it has to be presented to Sant’Anna Chapel a month before the ceremony date. Check with the Chapel the current value of the booking fee. (R$ 1.500 for 2016)

3. What are the options of places for the party?
The most adequate area for the reception party will mainly depend on the number of guests. For weddings of around 50 guests, the gardens of Casa Secreta are one option. For celebrations with more guests, the right choice is the social areas of the hotel including the main patio, restaurant and events room.

4. How many guests can I have if I only book Casa Secreta? And both Casa Secreta and the Hotel?
Couples can hire only Casa Secreta, only the Hotel, or both.
Hiring only Casa Secreta, the ideal number of guests is between 50 and 60. With access to the Hotel, this number increases to 180.

5. Do I need to hire a Wedding Planner?
Since any kind of Wedding involves participation of different services providers, we do require that the couple has at least an assistant for the day. Most couples prefer to hire the help of a professional wedding planner for all the preparation, but if you decide not to do so, please make sure to rely on a trustworthy professional to help you with the coordination of the event.

6. Does the hotel provide services such as catering and decoration? Can I hire any service provider I want?
While we do not provide these services, we will be happy to recommend providers that you can trust for any of the services you may need. In case you prefer to hire another provider, please check with the hotel for their references as there are requirements concerning the service quality level.

7. Is it possible to host a pre wedding reception, or a farewell meal?
Yes! Either if you decide to book Casa Secreta, or the Hotel area, or both, you can host a pre wedding reception or a farewell get together, one of the great opportunities of a Destination Wedding.

8. How do you take the reservations for my guests?
If the couple prefers, the Hotel can take direct reservations from the guests and deduct these bookings from the total value of the contract. If not, the couple can book all the rooms and distribute them as they consider best.

9. Are there any parking facilities?
We suggest hiring a Valet Parking service to facilitate the arrival and departure of your guests. The parking facility is located 200 m from the Hotel.